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We allow you to rent our photo and video studio studios to shoot in best conditions at the lowest price in all Malaysia!

What’s the problem with

Traditional Shooting Way?

We have been in the video production industry for 5 years now so we know the difficulties you face when you kickstart your video project. We have been there, we know the stress of the situation, the uncertainties related to the environment, the exhaustion caused by the process and above all the insanely high costs of video production.

Have you ever been in the middle of a shoot
and one of the problems below ruined the shoot?

It started raining exactly when you take the equipment out and it did not stop for 3 hours which led to a serious delay and extra costs.

You had to work on that shoot for 12 hours straight in a desert area where the signal was terrible and with no tea nor coffee to wake you up and help you through the day?

You were dreading that shooting day because you knew it would be too long and too messy.

You spent way more money than expected in renting equipment, locations, and overtime that your ROI was not as good as it could have been.

You had to run all over the place to get your equipment, gather the talents, prepare them and rush to the location.

You had to deal with poor quality equipment and witnessed unprofessional results.

Yes, we feel you! It does sound very familiar because we encountered those problems in the past.
If you are new to video production, you are lucky that you have not experienced that yet and we will make sure that it does not happen to you! That is why we came up with our Commercial Photo Studio business idea!

Our mission is to make sure your shooting is straight forward, easy, as cheap as possible, yet cost-efficient and enjoyable!

The cheapest commercial photo studio rental and Video studio rental in Malaysia to produce amazing Marketing Campaigns that will increase your sales.
The cheapest Green Screen Studio rental in Malaysia to ensure a well-made production.
High quality equipment Rental under the same roof of your shooting place.
An extra make up room so you can prepare the talents, models or actors in the same location as the shooting. You will have enough space to get everyone ready in peace!
Conference room if you need to work in a quiet space or have a meeting.
Free High-speed internet so you can keep up on your emails and daily tasks during your shooting! No more waste of time!
Free Coffee, tea and water to refresh, recharge the battery and take nice breaks during the shoot.

If you are ready to rent the cheapest yet comfiest studio in Malaysia, trust us, it’s very simple!

Our Renting Process


Contact Us

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Your Inquiry

For us to understand your needs and to serve you best, please answer all the questions of the contact form. If you text or call, be ready to answer the same questions


We Check Availabilities

of our studio and resources on your preferred date



We send you a quote Confirmation



You process the payment via Bank transfer (Online)



You receive the confirmation



On the D-day you show up on time, a member of our crew will give you the access to the studio and/or equipment you rented


You Shoot

And make the most of your purchase


You Leave

We will be here to say goodbye

You can rent our studio for very low price.

As detailed previously, we ensure that you will enjoy the best conditions possible to shoot. We provide you with the best environment for the most competitive price (product photography studio, commercial video studio and so much more).

Create stunning visuals with ease. Contact us today to book our photo and video studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

– We are located in an strategic location in Jalan Ipoh which makes travelling to our studio easy from anywhere in KL.
– Our studio is operational 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to accommodate clients needs on their preferred date and time.
– We provide painting services for our clients a day before the shoot to make sure the studio is made over to their preferred style and color codes.
– We have all the latest brand new equipments required for an indoor video shoot and photo shoot so clients don’t have to worry about bringing their own lights and gears.
– Parkings are FOC during the weekend.
– We have friendly staff that will accommodate your needs before and during your shoot.
So what are you waiting for? Hehe

– Contact us through our contact form
– WhatsApp or Call +60129303348

– Type of The Shoot: Video Shoot / Photo Shoot / Both
– How Many Pax are Coming: Total Number of Talents / Models / Crew Members
– Date of The Shoot
– Call Time and Duration of The Shoot: How Many Hours

– Cash
– Online Transfer

Here is our company account details:

Bank name: HSBC Bank
Account number: 015-161367-021
Beneficiary name: The Moving Image SDN BHD


H- 3.20m
W- 4.54m
L- 6.18m

Learn more about our membership here.

Photo Equipment:
– 2 Godox QS400ii flash
– Godox SK400 flash
– 5 light stands
– backdrops (white, black, yellow, grey, pink, red, nude, blue, green)
– 120cm parabolic modifier
– 80cm lantern
– 120cm lantern
– 3 Bowen cone

Video Equipment:
– Godox 300W
– Godox 60W
– 2 Bronic Pro 1200 LED
– 4 light stands
– Backdrops (white, black, yellow, grey, pink, red, nude, blue, green)
– 120cm parabolic modifier
– 80cm lantern
– 120cm lantern
– 2 Bowen cones
– 2 slim softbox

Yes, with additional charges. Learn more.

Man, I’ve been doing a lot of photo shoots for my company (as we do lots of yearly photo albums of our 434 employees). Still, no studio has made such a good impression on me as this one!

Mike Peterson, Casting Director

As I’ve been looking for a reasonably big studio for my next photoshot in this town, I was referred to this one by a friend. Eventually, it turned out to be the best studio I’ve ever rent!

Sandy Cooper, photographer

I am just so happy that I was referred to this studio by my wife! We’re both professional photographers and she perfectly knows how picky and thorough I am!

Henry Jacobs, freelancer

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So, are you ready to shoot your best videos for the smallest fee ever?