About Us

About Us

Our Mission

We help you to achieve a shooting that is smooth, efficient, affordable and even enjoyable!

Our Story

Photo Studio is one of Malaysia’s largest and diversified video and photoshoot studio rental holding company in Malaysia.
All our studios have been renovated to offer you with the best possible environment for shooting. You will find there Luxury offices and meeting rooms all the way to sound prove infinity wall studios with backdrops.
Even though our photoshoot studio business branch in cantonent exchange is new, we have been serving our customers with offices and meeting room locations for shoot for over 6 years now.
We have now been working in the photo and video production industry for 6 years so we know how to make you happy because we understand your needs perfectly.

We Offer You the Best Shooting Conditions

No more struggle to find the ideal location to shoot, no more ridiculously high costs to rent equipment, no more squeeze in in small rooms!
We help you to achieve a shooting that will be smooth, efficient and even enjoyable with high speed internet and free coffee. We have been there; we have done shooting days that seem never ending and draining. Our mission is to make sure yours are straight forward, easy and cost efficient.
We offer you the space, equipment and atmosphere you need for a seamless shooting!
We are so excited to welcome you in our photoshoot studio. You may check our services page to find out what package is the more suitable for your shooting idea.

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to help you reach your business goals through beautiful photo and video materials.

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